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Whole Body Health From The Full Body Cleanse: Provides Insight CEO A.D. Dolphin appeared on the Steve Harvey in early February 2017 to share delicious raw food vegan recipes with viewers. offers an array of herbal health supplements and the infamous Full Body Cleanse. The Full Body Cleanse has been popular among it users and these users include Steve Harvey himself. Harvey lost a full 12 pounds on the 20-day cleanse.

When using the cleanse, it is advised to incorporate a raw foods diet. For some people, this may initially sound intimidating or be off-putting. However, with the right information and recipes, plus a little imagination, raw food meals can be rather enticing. Dolphin shared some of his raw food recipes with viewers on the Steve Harvey Show. The foods he highlight included all raw tacos, noodles, and smoothies! After viewing his segment, it is easy to see that prepared raw foods are just as appealing a prepared cooked foods.

The Full Body Cleanse detoxifies the body, relieving the body of accumulated toxins equated from unhealthy practices like eating sugar and unhealthy fat. To reap full benefits of the Full Body Cleanse, it is helpful to eat a clean raw diet. Users would not want to be filling their bodies with the same toxins that they are ridding their bodies of by doing the cleanse.

Benefits of include a healthier whole body, increased energy, brighter skin, better circulation, and better mood. The Full Body Cleanse brings renewed health in a bottle and simple diet plan.  Read more about the little stuff, and what real users have found on