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Samuel Strauch Learns From Life All The Time

Samuel Strauch considers life to be a lesson. He says that no matter what path we take, we will always be learning and growing.

He earned his undergraduate degree from Hofstra University in New York. He studied at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam as well as at Harvard University.

Even though Samuel Strauch began his career in banking, he moved to the Real Estate business of his family in South Florida. He started his own company in 2002, and it has been growing ever since. It has managed to successfully integrate a platform that has varied enterprises in acquisitions, management, equity sourcing, development, along with brokerage of real estate. This is for South Florida as well as Latin America.

He is also investing in several other internet businesses besides restaurants. He is interested in art and photography too.

Samuel Strauch came to Miami and noticed how developments in real estate were transforming the city completely. Instead of a sleepy vacation town, it was turning into a metropolis. This was when he decided to get some international clients as well as investors together and start his business.

He is always busy in meeting new people. He is keen to strengthen his ties with his clients, investors, as well as business partners, brokers and such other people who matter in this industry. This way Samuel Strauch is able to find new properties and forge new relationships in his business. He gets new ideas as he works on expanding his client base.

Basically, Samuel Strauch considers his work to be fun as he is also establishing friendships with those with whom he is doing business.

Samuel Strauch is a forward thinking person. This requires a lot of creativity. In fact, this is what is required to be a leader in this industry. Samuel Strauch has all these traits.