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The Modern Facilities of Roberto Santiago’s Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is a prosperous entrepreneur who is recognized for owning leading shopping malls in Joao Pessoa, Brazil. The properties that he owns include Manaira Shopping and Mangabeira Shopping and they are both dedicate to offering the excellent services to their customers. Mangabeira Shopping Mall stands out due the modern facilities and entertainment that it provides. Mr. Santiago kicked off his entrepreneurship journey when he was still a teenager. He is currently 58 years old and has made significant accomplishments. The first most profitable enterprise that the businessman established was a cartoon firm the majored in offering decorative items. He started the company by making products from cardboards, and with time, it adopted modern technology in its manufacturing process. The success that Mr. Santiago has attained has enabled him to command high respect in the city. Read more articles on

Santiago earned huge profits from the cartoon enterprise, and this allowed him to accumulate enough affluence to venture into other businesses. He started taking part in the real estate sector and managed to be successful due to his experience as a businessman. Roberto bought land and constructed commercial buildings. He is a graduate of the University Center of Joao Pesso where he specialized in business management. The entrepreneur is also a sports champion and has won various trophies in the kart and motocross races.

Santiago started constructing the Manaira Shopping Mall in 1987. The property took about two years to be completed and was launched in 1989. The shopping place has been famous for the past 28 years, and it is regarded as a landmark. It has invested heavily in a wide range of recreational amenities that attract residents and people who tour the city. The comfort and entertainment that are offered by Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall distinguish it from other malls that have been established in the area. The place is also located close to a beach, and therefore, it enjoys cool breezes and excellent sunset views. Read more on Exame

Roberto Santiago has ensured that Manaira Shopping is fitted with top-notch entertainment facilities. The mall owns a cinema, concert hall, a gym, ballrooms, an electric amusement park, and a gourmet place. The gourmet place consists of an excellent food court and a steak house. Its meals are delicious, and it also offers a tranquil environment where people can relax and have fun. The shopping mall’s electric amusement park is spacious and boasts of more than 200 entertaining machines. It cinema hall has been fitted with the latest 3D screens, and it has about 11 theater rooms. Clients who visit the place to watch movies can also enjoy extra services such soft drinks, alcohol, and snacks. Manaira’s concert hall was built about seven years ago. It is used in hosting various events and can hold up to 10,000 people.