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Mike Baur Provides Bountiful Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Mike Baur is the visionary behind the Swiss Startup Factory. He establishes investor relationships, and he has started this company in order to help entrepreneurs make it to another level. He is the man that has assembled a team of mentors that can help entrepreneurs develop better businesses.


He has people in place like Max Meister that reign as the lecturer of entrepreneurship for the Swiss Startup Factory. Oliver Walzer is also a part of what Mike Baur created. Walzer is the application architect. These are the different types of mentors in place that are putting entrepreneurs on a 3 month program. The accelerator program that is created by Mike Baur gives people access to coaching and mentoring. He gives these entrepreneurs offices where they can work and brainstorm with other entrepreneurs.


This is a great concept that Mike Baur has created because he speaks to a volumes of entrepreneurs that need digital business strategy. Entrepreneurs have access to the digital trends are going to be better prepared for the business world. With the digital business strategy there are plans where there is an analysis of customer needs that are taken into account. There is also a digital business model that takes goals into account. All of these are things that people need to consider.


Mike Baur is good with many different areas of business. He has multiple 360 services in place. There is a pre-accelerator and growth accelerator program. There is all the Wenger and Vielli Accelerator program. There are so many different things for entrepreneurs to engage in with the Swiss Startup Factory that is going to make it easier for entrepreneurs to construct better businesses. Mike Baur has carefully organized the type of system that can help business men and woman create companies that can compete on a global level. There are a lot of people that are going to benefit from what this Swiss Startup Factory offers.


There are many business opportunities available for people to become better business leaders, but it all starts with recognizing what their needs are. Some new entrepreneurs may not know what they need to do in order to establish their business. There are others that have established a business, but they may not know how to make the business flourish. What Mike Baur has done is create is make entrepreneurs aware of what they need to do elevate their businesses.