Securus Technologies Growth

Securus Technologies is a company that focuses on improving communication technology in prisons throughout the country. Many prisons have old equipment that is no longer useful. Securus Technologies comes in and analyzes what a prison currently has. After the initial consultation, they give recommendations on areas they would improve.


Although Securus Technologies started out as a small company, it is now one of the leaders in the field of technology. There are few competitors in the prison industry, and this lack of competition is great for Securus Technologies. Sales and profits have improved every year the company has been in business.





Securus Technologies is primarily a technology company. The company has to spend a lot of money every year developing new technology for customers. Developing this technology allows the business to offer a variety of solutions to prisons.


Many prison leaders want to improve the technology and equipment within their facility. However, few prisons have the additional capital to invest in new technology and communication options for inmates. This is one of the biggest issues when it comes to operating a prison efficiently.





With the prison population of the United States higher than ever, Securus Technologies is growing rapidly. The company has a strong balance sheet and is ready to invest for the future.

The Rise Of Whitney Wolfe In Social Media

There are definitely going to be a lot of people that are interested in building a better connection with new friends if they moved to a different area. Bumble BFF is the app that Whitney Wolfe has created that is now presenting that option. More people are learning about this company, and they are giving praise to Whitney Wolfe for creating opportunities for other women to build their friendship regardless of where they are geographically.

Many people recognize the Bumble company name because this is part of the expansion of a company that Whitney Wolfe created with the dating app. Initially, this may have been the platform that could have helped her become the leader in the dating community alone. Whitney Wolfe is definitely passionate about helping people find their matches, but she also wanted to do more. Wolfe realizes that social media was somewhat segmented, and Whitney Wolfe is working on a way to bring all aspects of social media under one environment.

Bumble BFF may definitely be a segway to better social apps. She has already created millions of matches through her Bumble dating app, and now people get a chance to build friendships and get to know about people even if they are not dating. This may be a good thing for anyone that may have been hesitant to find someone for the purpose of dating. Everyone that is online is not looking for a date. Many people are just trying to build friendships and connect with someone in their area that has the same interests. For Whitney Wolfe this was a golden opportunity to reach out to such people and develop an app that will cater to their needs.

A lot of people are definitely going to be interested in what Whitney Wolfe is bringing to the table. She has proven that she knows so much about the business of social media, and people are taking interest in what she is providing. She has become a strong leader in the social media arena, and people are interested in seeing how she will approach her next endeavor.

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Hussain Sajwani – A Man Centered & Grounded In What Really Matters

Hussain Sajwani is the kind of man who is well known to just about everyone in his country and a significant number of people in industrialized nations around the world, but he didn’t start out with that intention. Instead, he would have preferred to be the quiet figure in the shadows, running his real estate and business empire from his modest offices and enjoying time with his family. That was not destined to be the case, however, and the DAMAC owner is now known as one of the most flamboyant and boisterous personalities in the UAE. This isn’t by choice but out of the necessity of the nature of the often highly competitive and sometimes circus like atmosphere of the ultra-luxury real estate industry in the middle east.


The humble side of Hussain Sajwani is what surprises most people. This is the side that puts in pride of place at his headquarters not pictures of his famous friends and business associates, including current United States President and global business tycoon Donald Trump, or even any of his awards for outstanding business achievements or acclaim for his ultra-high luxury residential and office buildings. It’s not even for accolades that have been bestowed upon his prestigious golf courses or beautiful resort properties. No, the thing that he cherished the most is a simple, cheap plaque that was given to him during Operation Desert Storm by the united states ARMY in recognition for outstanding management of food service operation in support of the combat activity to liberate Kuwait and push back the oppressive regime of then Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussain. He cherished this simple token because it reminds him of his and his company’s humble roots, he displays it to keep him and the whole of the Hussain Sajwani family grounded and centered.


He takes this sense of grounding with him in everything that he does, for instance, when he recently pledged UAE 2M to a charitable fund to help clothe underprivilege children around the globe, his sense of purpose and duty to give back was at the core of the decision. His work with many other charities in the middle east and Africa also serve as proof of his commitment to help build a better world and to show appreciation for what he has been blessed with. Hussain Sajwani is a man who has many layers, some of which are in place by his choosing, many which are not, but all of them surround a core that despite being so deep, shines bright enough to be a guiding light to those around him on how to be a great person and do the right thing in everything that you do.

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Aloha Construction Teases Their City With A New Innovative Siding & Roofing Design

Popular Aloha Construction giants are teasing the industry with their new roofing and siding season testing and are receiving rave reviews. Their quality services have contributed to many protected buildings in the Illinois area, in wait of the recent storms. They have proudly served the local community for over 40+ years as a superior roofing and siding company with over 7,000+ projects since 1993. Aloha Construction is a trusted siding and roofing community, committed to complete customer service satisfaction. There is always a highly trained and qualified representative ready to take your call when you have questions or would like to schedule a free consultation.


They are working hard to ensure that residential and commercial customers feel safe with their roof against extreme elements. Aloha Construction is proudly led by CEO and President, David Farbaky. No other construction company in the area has been able to win over the loyalty of the local community the way they have by providing quality work. They would also like to introduce an expansion into interior restoration, bathrooms, kitchen remodeling, bathroom designs, water extraction, and natural disaster clean-up. You have everything you need through Aloha Construction with the assurance your needs are always a top priority and contributes to their growth.


Farbaky admits, that remodeling was a limited service that Aloha Construction offered to their customers, but now they are making it a full scale service along with their roofing and siding selections. Aloha Construction only uses the finest materials allowing you to reap the benefits of your services for years to come.

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