Finding that Silver Bullet for Longer, Healthier Life: Elysium Health

Let’s face it. No one likes to age. All of us prefer to keep young and healthy for as long as possible. Leonard Guarante, an MIT biologist has recently discovered that silver bullet in the form of a pill that tweaks the body’s metabolism and slows down the aging process. He wants it to be widely available so he decided to bypass the long and slow process usually involved in proving the pill’s results. Instead he is making it available now through his website.

The pill appropriately known as “Basis” contains a compound that reacts favorably to cells regeneration processes. The molecules in the pill will be promoted as a dietary supplement with surveys taken of satisfied customers.

Elysium Health hopes that this method of attracting customers will eventually help thousands live longer and healthier lives. Guarante understands the need for an anti-aging solution and some of concerns around calorie restrictions. His discovery of a single gene that monitors the caloric intake is the basis of his research for this revolutionary way to control the aging process.

The basis for this far reaching discovery has been thoroughly researched by Guarante and his team of scientists, clinicians and other health professionals. It is important to note that the formulas utilized in the Basis product has been fully vetted through a collaboration with the University of Cambridge.

The decade long research into a solution to the aging process continues. This is only the first product developed that has had any noticeable affect on the human physiology. The secret ingredients that include substances that affect cellular growth include the necessary co enzyme Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+). Increased levels of this enzyme stop the rapid decline of cells due to age.

Basis is produced in facilities that meet FDA standards for purity and quality. Customers can be assured that the product has been rigorously tested for purity. It is important to note that Elysium uses compounds that are found in nature. Animal studies of the compound have proven that metabolic rates have increased. Other affects of the compound include increased mitochondrial function and cell detoxification.

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