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Waiakea Water, Nature’s Gift at its Purest Form

Water is an undeniable entity of human sustainability. As much as water could be found anywhere, it still remains to be among the most sensitive constituents of general well-being. Consequently, many companies have emerged each competing trying to prove of its quality of water purity. Among the top on the chart is Waiakea, a Hawaiian based company and a main producer of bottled water.

Waiakea has employed the concept of volcanic water which is quite a new revelation to many. Ideally, the water purification process is quite involving and includes a unique natural way for the completion of the process. The water is passed through Mauna Loa’s peak, the most active volcano globally. The water source is majorly rainwater, snow or arctic winds moisture.

The purification that occurs is rather extensive ranging from the initial passing it through the volcano in form of pristine streams to the reservoirs at Waiakea aquifers. The Mauna Loa Mountain is remotely located and this is a bonus to the quality of the product purity. The water sources are also similarly located and miles away from any possible pollutant and this means that there is close to zero capabilities of either the air or ground to contain contaminants.

The system is unlikely to be duplicated in any other random place. The water quality aside, Waiakea did not neglect the type of bottles necessary for water storage. The plastic bottle is astonishing fully degradable being the world’s first with those qualities. It is also meant to be 100% recyclable. The new material involved, the TimePlast, reduced the product’s lifespan from a remarkable difference of 1,500 years to 15 years.

About Waiakea

Waiakea Water was founded in 2012 and was intended to initiate a unique and sustainable process for bottled water production. This was supposed to create a great impact especially in making the world and its people a better future. The company was founded by Ryan Emmons who got inspiration from the Hawaiian culture where he spent most his childhood in.

With this environment-friendly initiative, Waiakea has been a major part in participating in charitable events. They partnered with Pump Aid and gave away 650 liters of purified water to unprivileged places. Till date, the company has been able to come in handy when needed and offer support with their available resource, clean water.