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Gregory James Aziz The Wise Man

A wise man is one who knows when opportunity is knocking and seizes in. Gregory James Aziz is one such man. Greg Aziz was born and raised in London, Ontario. He attended college in Ridley Collage and majored in economics later in Western Ontario University. After his graduation, he joined the family business selling wholesale food and food affiliates in ’71.


With hard work and discipline, he saw the company grow over 16 years and become the world’s leading importer and distributor of fresh foods. During these years working in the family business, he learnt skills that have molded him to become the great business mind we know him for today. His leadership style is based on innovation and taking advantage of opportunities. Gregory James Aziz is known for his unique ability to identify and take advantage of opportunities that present themselves to him.

When the opportunity to own National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994 presented itself, he seized it. National Steel car is a one of the world’s leading rail road freight car engineering companies in Hamilton, Ontario. This purchase was made possible by investments he had made in banks across New York. His aim in acquiring this company was to turn it into the leading railroad freight car manufacturer in North America. Based on his track record, this was a challenge that could be easily conquered.

By emphasizing in the company’s great engineering capabilities, inspiring team work and considerable capital investment, Gregory J Aziz was able to move the company from producing 3500 cars every year to producing 12000 cars every year by 1994. From that point on, Greg Aziz has seen National Steel car move forward in terms of production numbers and market expansion. See This Page for more information


Greg’s secret weapon to success is his pursuit for excellence. In every position he has held, he has pursued excellence in production and in administration. This has not only granted him success in his ventured but has also inspired a desire for excellence in those who work around him. He also has a habit of looking for innovative ways to make production better. This has seen National Steel car be ahead of their competitions by miles.


Apart from his passion for excellence, Greg Aziz prides himself of his discipline. Without being disciplined, he would not be able to stick to the course of action plotted for the company or stick to the core values lined out. It is his disciplined character that has seen him earn the respect of his colleagues and admiration of all around him.

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