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Innovation At National Steel Car Under Gregory Aziz’s Leadership


National Steel Car is a leading manufacturer of railroad freight cars, has earned itself a stellar reputation as North America’s top manufacturer. The company is known for its unwavering commitment to excellent, both in the manufacturing of the freight cars as well as the engineering. In the industry, National Steel Car has garnered a prestigious reputation by the producer of the finest crafted cars in the industry. With Greg Aziz at the helm, the company is known as the one to beat.

National Steel Car places a huge emphasis on its people and the company culture. The company constantly encourages employees to strive for greatness and to set the bar that other companies will have to jump to reach. More than that, National Steel Car’s customers place a huge sense of trust in the company to produce quality cars and provide excellent customer service. If there is an issue (as there often can be when working on such large, complex vehicles) National Steel Car is honest and up front with its vendors. They also attempt to do everything possible in a timely manner to correct the issues.

The company was founded in 1912 as Imperial Steel Car Inc. A group of Canadian businessmen wanted Canada to become a leader in freight car manufacturing. Believe it or not, at the time it was one of the hottest industry to be in. The men gathered together and laid out plans to bring freight car manufacturing to Canada. One hundred years later, National Steel Car is still thriving.


Today, National Steel Car is headed up by Greg Aziz. Gregory J Aziz is the President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the board. He has worked incredibly hard to rise to the top of the company. He has also held several other leadership positions prior to absorbing all three. Gregory James Aziz is an innovative leader, who isn’t afraid to push his team to achieve greatness.


Greg Aziz has been with the company nearly three decades and has done incredible things during that time to keep National Steel Car on the cutting edge. National Steel Car is the only freight car company to receive the prestigious annual TTX SECO award. This award is one of the greatest you can achieve within the railroad industry and is a sign of National Steel Car’s unwavering commitment to strive for greatness. While many other companies can be complacent, National Steel Car is striving to do great things and to keep utilizing new technologies as they are available. View Related Info Here.

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