Bob Reina Sees It All Clearly

There are people that have a great ability to see into the future and keep their pulse on what is happening around them. Bob Reina has been blessed to have that ability. It is why Talk Fusion, the very best in voice, data, and communication, has had the success they have had throughout the past ten years. That is a decade of changing lives, impacting lives, and making things better for people. That is something they should be very, very proud of, and from reading a recent interview with Bob Reina,, it is clear they know what they have done, but they have remained humble throughout the process and never forgotten to give back as well.


Bob Reina is the type of CEO that anyone would love to work for and those that do, they truly enjoy the experience and get a lot out of it. It is a rich and rewarding experience. They get to work for an award-winning company ( ) that is giving back to others in the process as well. Now, that is truly saying something. Bob Reina has gone out of his way to give back to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. In fact, he made a record-breaking donation. He loves animals and he also loves people. He would not be doing this if he didn’t care about people and if he didn’t want to do something special.


This is the kind of job that can’t be faked. If someone is going to do it, they have to put their all into it and they can’t leave anything to chance. They have to go all in and Bob Reina, the IT team, and every single person that works for Bob Reina knows they have to deliver the goods for the customers.


They like the responsibility, though. A lot of companies have been known to shy away from it or shrink under the pressure. Instead, Talk Fusion and Bob Reina, they rise to the occasion and they never let a single person down with their state-of-the-art video technology that is really making a huge impact on companies and people.

Tammy Mazzocco Loves Being a Successful Real Estate Broker

Tammy Mazzocco loves her career as a successful real estate broker in Central Ohio. She started out as a secretary for a commercial real estate firm, but eventually got into the sales side of the business and has not looked back with any regrets since. You can visit her to know more.

Located in Pickerington, Ohio with RE/MAX, Tammy specializes in the residential sector and thoroughly enjoys working with families to help them find the home of their choice. She caters to the people who are looking to get more into a relaxed country style of living as opposed to the hustle and bustle of city life.

Tammy believes in setting goals as a way to keep her moving along a successful path. Goals are important because they keep her focused. Once a goal is set, she breaks it down into smaller action steps which make the goal easier to accomplish. She sets annual, monthly, weekly and daily goals.

Tammy is not afraid of hard work and daily effort, as she gets to her office early to sweep away paperwork and to get on the telephone to set appointments to show house. About 80 percent of her business comes from current customers and referrals, but she also likes the leads that come from such organizations like Zillow and Real These are from people who are expressing interest in looking at properties and is a very productive source of leads.

Tammy is a good listener, and she says that people who are looking at houses need to be listened to. This is how she finds out what people want in the way of their new house. Nine times out of ten the house they end up buying is not the one that the originally focused on at the start. Since Tammy knows her areas of the countryside very well, she knows of many properties that are on the market that the buyer is not aware of.

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Mike Baur Provides Bountiful Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Mike Baur is the visionary behind the Swiss Startup Factory. He establishes investor relationships, and he has started this company in order to help entrepreneurs make it to another level. He is the man that has assembled a team of mentors that can help entrepreneurs develop better businesses.


He has people in place like Max Meister that reign as the lecturer of entrepreneurship for the Swiss Startup Factory. Oliver Walzer is also a part of what Mike Baur created. Walzer is the application architect. These are the different types of mentors in place that are putting entrepreneurs on a 3 month program. The accelerator program that is created by Mike Baur gives people access to coaching and mentoring. He gives these entrepreneurs offices where they can work and brainstorm with other entrepreneurs.


This is a great concept that Mike Baur has created because he speaks to a volumes of entrepreneurs that need digital business strategy. Entrepreneurs have access to the digital trends are going to be better prepared for the business world. With the digital business strategy there are plans where there is an analysis of customer needs that are taken into account. There is also a digital business model that takes goals into account. All of these are things that people need to consider.


Mike Baur is good with many different areas of business. He has multiple 360 services in place. There is a pre-accelerator and growth accelerator program. There is all the Wenger and Vielli Accelerator program. There are so many different things for entrepreneurs to engage in with the Swiss Startup Factory that is going to make it easier for entrepreneurs to construct better businesses. Mike Baur has carefully organized the type of system that can help business men and woman create companies that can compete on a global level. There are a lot of people that are going to benefit from what this Swiss Startup Factory offers.


There are many business opportunities available for people to become better business leaders, but it all starts with recognizing what their needs are. Some new entrepreneurs may not know what they need to do in order to establish their business. There are others that have established a business, but they may not know how to make the business flourish. What Mike Baur has done is create is make entrepreneurs aware of what they need to do elevate their businesses.

How Doug Levitt is Committed to Mitigating Poverty

Doug Levitt is an American journalist who is known for his dedication to ending poverty in the United States. He is the founder of The Greyhound Diaries, which is a project that he has conducted for the past on decade. Levitt was not informed on the level poverty that was affecting people in the United States before starting The Greyhound Diaries. He only heard stories from people but had not gotten an opportunity to see the situation by himself. Doug is an alumnus of the Cornell University. At one time, he decided to tour various parts of the country to interact with people and also develop his artistic skills. Doug Levitt hoped that his trip would assist him in getting content to write books and songs. His six weeks trip was greatly inspired by an old documentary that dated back to the 1930s.

Mr. Levitt has been collecting content for The Greyhound Diaries for the past ten years. He has traveled to different regions of the country, and he has created books and music. Doug has also had live performances in various locations in the U.S. His program has been aired by different media houses to inform the public about how many people are affected by poverty in the country. He has also explained about his experience in during the trip. According to him, the problem can be solved by allowing the public to understand how the disadvantaged people suffer and what Doug knows.

Doug lived in Washington D.C during his childhood. He had a chance to understand problems that affected the society since both his parents were community leaders. Levitt of Twitter, Levitt said that starting The Greyhound Diaries has greatly assisted him to known how millions of people in the remote parts of the United States are languishing from poverty without being noticed. His project has greatly inspired him to advocate for equality. Doug has complained about how top media houses that are headquartered in the major cities are ignoring other parts of the country. They do not visit some areas and have failed to shed some light on the issue of poverty. The journalist is devoted to ensuring that the problem is solved and read full article.

Bruce Levenson: The Do Good Institute’s Angel

Something good has happened to the structure of higher education. The Do Good Institute is higher education’s answer to the private sector’s incubator of start-up non-profit businesses, with the outstanding financial support of Bruce Levenson.

Mr. Bruce Levenson has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Washington University and a J.D. from American University. He has associated himself with United Communications Group (UGC) as its co-founder and Partner. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association and has published articles for both the Washington Star and Observer Publishing. He is a Director of TechTarget, Inc. Mr. Levenson has an ownership interest in the Atlanta Spirit, LLC, which according to ESPN bought sports franchises and owned and operated sports arenas.

As the President of the “I Have a Dream Foundation,” Mr. Levenson ensured that disadvantaged students referred to as “Dreamers,” who live in housing projects and participate in schools that lack resources, receive financial support from elementary school through college.

The University of Maryland’s initiative, The Do Good Institute, is exceptional in higher education. The Institute seeks undergraduate students and to introduce them to the non-profit experience. The purpose of the Institute is to train those students to be in the vanguard of the non-profit businesses and to be as competitive, if not more so, as those in the private sector. The program has had an extraordinary response.

Mr. Levenson and his wife, Karen, provided the initiative with $75 million. The State of Maryland gave an additional $20 million. Philanthropy 101 was the first class offered to the undergraduate students. In the lab for the course, the students were given $10,000. Their responsibility was to decide who would receive these funds.

Bruce Levenson ( has devoted himself to give back to society for the opportunities society has given him.

The Modern Healthcare Services that are offered by Copa Star

Copa Star Hospital is one of the most luxurious healthcare facilities in Brazil. It is well known for the comfortable environment that it offers to its patients. The hospital was established by a renowned cardiologist who is known as Jorge Moll. The concept of having a medical center that accommodates patients in five-star rooms has never been developed by anyone in Rio de Janeiro. Many healthcare facilities across Brazil admire the type of services that are offered by the hospital. Copa Star’s architecture stands out from that of the other hospitals. Its staff members are dedicated to providing world-class care to every patient who visits it.

The state-of-the-art facility owns outstanding medical equipment for diagnosing and treating patients. According to Hospital Copa Star, comfort and therapy are some of the major factors that facilitate an individual healing process. These attributes have made the hospital to be preferred by many patients. The services that Copa Star offers have motivated other medical centers to raise their standards. It competes with other top notch healthcare facilities in the country and across the globe.

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The accommodation, buildings, and environment that is offered by the hospital can only be compared to a five-star hotel. Copa Star is devoted to providing luxurious amenities, which ensure that the patients enjoy their stay when they are at there. The corridors of the facility do not have the medicine odor, but they instead kept fresh with sweet fruits and citrus scents. It tries to make the guests not to feel the dullness that is usually in hospitals. Its reception is well decorated, and it has been fitted with comfortable seats. The suits where patients stay are also aesthetically designed, and they make an individual feel at home.

Copa Star Hospital’s seven-story premises is fitted with Penebar SW-55 joints that ensure stability in every floor. The building cannot be affected by disasters such as earthquakes and erosion. Privacy is also a priority at the hospital, and therefore, each patient is offered his or her personal room. This feature makes it suitable for public figures. Guests of the healthcare center enjoy a beautiful view of beaches since it is located close to the ocean. Copa Star’s building covers around 21000 square meters.

The medical professionals who work for Copa Star have specialized in treating patients who suffer from cardiac and neurological problems. The hospital currently owns 59 intensive care units that have modern equipment. Isolated patients in ICUs can be visited by their loved ones through video conferencing. The professionals who serve the hospital have been trained to offer excellent hospitality to the patients. Copa Star has employed over 100 doctors who fully understand how to use its modern machines in treating patients. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

The Modern Facilities of Roberto Santiago’s Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is a prosperous entrepreneur who is recognized for owning leading shopping malls in Joao Pessoa, Brazil. The properties that he owns include Manaira Shopping and Mangabeira Shopping and they are both dedicate to offering the excellent services to their customers. Mangabeira Shopping Mall stands out due the modern facilities and entertainment that it provides. Mr. Santiago kicked off his entrepreneurship journey when he was still a teenager. He is currently 58 years old and has made significant accomplishments. The first most profitable enterprise that the businessman established was a cartoon firm the majored in offering decorative items. He started the company by making products from cardboards, and with time, it adopted modern technology in its manufacturing process. The success that Mr. Santiago has attained has enabled him to command high respect in the city. Read more articles on

Santiago earned huge profits from the cartoon enterprise, and this allowed him to accumulate enough affluence to venture into other businesses. He started taking part in the real estate sector and managed to be successful due to his experience as a businessman. Roberto bought land and constructed commercial buildings. He is a graduate of the University Center of Joao Pesso where he specialized in business management. The entrepreneur is also a sports champion and has won various trophies in the kart and motocross races.

Santiago started constructing the Manaira Shopping Mall in 1987. The property took about two years to be completed and was launched in 1989. The shopping place has been famous for the past 28 years, and it is regarded as a landmark. It has invested heavily in a wide range of recreational amenities that attract residents and people who tour the city. The comfort and entertainment that are offered by Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall distinguish it from other malls that have been established in the area. The place is also located close to a beach, and therefore, it enjoys cool breezes and excellent sunset views. Read more on Exame

Roberto Santiago has ensured that Manaira Shopping is fitted with top-notch entertainment facilities. The mall owns a cinema, concert hall, a gym, ballrooms, an electric amusement park, and a gourmet place. The gourmet place consists of an excellent food court and a steak house. Its meals are delicious, and it also offers a tranquil environment where people can relax and have fun. The shopping mall’s electric amusement park is spacious and boasts of more than 200 entertaining machines. It cinema hall has been fitted with the latest 3D screens, and it has about 11 theater rooms. Clients who visit the place to watch movies can also enjoy extra services such soft drinks, alcohol, and snacks. Manaira’s concert hall was built about seven years ago. It is used in hosting various events and can hold up to 10,000 people.


Samuel Strauch Learns From Life All The Time

Samuel Strauch considers life to be a lesson. He says that no matter what path we take, we will always be learning and growing.

He earned his undergraduate degree from Hofstra University in New York. He studied at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam as well as at Harvard University.

Even though Samuel Strauch began his career in banking, he moved to the Real Estate business of his family in South Florida. He started his own company in 2002, and it has been growing ever since. It has managed to successfully integrate a platform that has varied enterprises in acquisitions, management, equity sourcing, development, along with brokerage of real estate. This is for South Florida as well as Latin America.

He is also investing in several other internet businesses besides restaurants. He is interested in art and photography too.

Samuel Strauch came to Miami and noticed how developments in real estate were transforming the city completely. Instead of a sleepy vacation town, it was turning into a metropolis. This was when he decided to get some international clients as well as investors together and start his business.

He is always busy in meeting new people. He is keen to strengthen his ties with his clients, investors, as well as business partners, brokers and such other people who matter in this industry. This way Samuel Strauch is able to find new properties and forge new relationships in his business. He gets new ideas as he works on expanding his client base.

Basically, Samuel Strauch considers his work to be fun as he is also establishing friendships with those with whom he is doing business.

Samuel Strauch is a forward thinking person. This requires a lot of creativity. In fact, this is what is required to be a leader in this industry. Samuel Strauch has all these traits.





Wen Cleansing Conditioners, All Natural And Chemical Free

One of the best-kept salon secrets to beautiful hair is the kind of products one uses. Hair can be a crazy thing to handle if not cared for right and taken care of properly. The hair is fragile and needs proper nourishment to grow and be the best it can be.

Wen Cleansing Conditioners are the products that have hair stylist and celebrities talking. Made from all natural ingredients, Wen Cleansing Conditioners is sure to leave your hair feeling soft, shiny and above all, extremely healthy.

What makes Wen Cleansing Conditioners so special is the fact that it acts like a five in one formula. People have different needs for their hair, some on consecutive days. Using too many harsh products on one’s hair can lead to some rather unpleasant results, causing your hair to dry up and lose its luster. When you use Wen Cleansing Conditioners, you aren’t just conditioning your hair. The product takes on the role of one super formula which acts as a shampoo, detangler, conditioner, leave-in and deep conditioner, all in one. The formula used in this product is all natural and does not contain any traces of chemicals. Because the formula is not harsh on the hair, it helps one retain all the essential oils that the hair has, preventing it from damage.

Wen Cleansing Conditioners was developed by Chaz Dean, one of Hollywood’s most famous hair stylists. Chaz is a man who believes in being one with nature and doesn’t believe in using any chemicals in his products. While working as a hair stylist, Chaz soon realized the need for a product that retained all its natural nutrients and one that wasn’t harsh on the hair. This soon led to Chaz developing Wen Cleansing Conditioners, as an alternative to give to his customers to provide them with a better all around salon experience.

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Squaw Valley Releases Water Contamination Statement

Liesl Kenney, who is the public relations director for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, recently issued a statement regarding the water contamination issue at Squaw Valley. Here are the main points of her statement.


The water contamination issue was first reported on November 8, and Kenney shares that the heavy rain in October is what led to the presence of coliform and E.coli in the Gold Coast and High Camp areas of the Squaw Valley resort. Kenney asserts that the water contamination was limited to these areas of Squaw Valley. None of the contaminated water was given to the public.


After routine testing revealed that there was a problem with the water, Placer County Environment Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District were contact right away. Squaw Valley resort also consulted other water safety experts to help solve the issue as soon as possible. The water will continue to be treated until it has reached normal levels again. Regular water usage for High Camp and Gold Coast will resume only when it has been confirmed that the water is safe.


Kenney also reassured the public that the safety of Squaw Valley customers is extremely important She emphasizes that Squaw Valley is taking the matter very seriously and shares that bottled water will be offered to guests for drinking. She shares that she wants to thank Placer County and the Squaw Valley Public Service District on behalf of Squaw Valley resort for their prompt attention and consistent cooperation in this matter.

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Squaw Valley issues statement on upper mountain water quality