Edison Research Strategy Analyzes Results of Advertisement Tests

Norman Pattiz founded PodcastOne, and he is the company’s executive chairman. Norman has more than 40 years’ experience in radio syndication. Besides, he also founded Westwood One, which became the largest provider of entertainment, news, and sports in America, under the leadership of Norman. Norman also established Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010 with the objective of producing and distributing quality programming. After realizing that there was still untapped potential in the audio-on-demand sector, Norman Pattiz founded PodcastOne in 2012, which later became the leading company in the industry. He is married to Dr. Mary Turner Pattiz for about 30 years now. They live in Beverly Hills. Learn more: https://patch.com/georgia/atlanta/podcastone-ceo-norman-pattiz-reveals-networks-brand-lift-research-edison-researchers


Norman Pattiz joined PodcastOne as the executive chairperson on June 23, 2016. He was also the consultant of Westwood One Inc. since 2010. Norman was the founder of the Westwood One in 1974. He was working as the company’s chief executive officer until February 3, 1994.


PodcastOne and Edison Research Strategy researched advertising tests with the top five countrywide customer brands. The results were announced by the chief executive officer of PostcastOne and the vice president of Edison Research Strategy. The two executives announced results of research that took place in the past half of 2016. The other brands were not as popular, so they were looking for increased awareness and trial. However, online surveys for the two case scenarios were conducted. PodcastOne focuses on providing superior brand awareness in preparation of product advertising. The CEO noted that the results are an evidence of the company’s integrated approach to advertising and measurement.


Edison Research conducted three particular types of research on behalf of PocastOne to note the efficiency of podcast marketing promotion for top five brands in the nation. Some of the brands were lesser-known, so they were looking for trial and awareness. The other brands were already established though they were launching new campaigns. The online audience surveys for most top podcasts were done before the launching of advertising campaigns and repeated after every brand had finished the four to six weeks’ promotions on selected podcasts. The results of the campaign analysis indicated that podcast listeners were responding to brand messages and showcased an enhanced willingness to buy or consider the brands.


Norman Pattiz founded PocastOne, and it is the leading national advertiser. Currently, PodcastOne highlights more than 300 hours of original programs weekly across about 200 of favorite trendy podcasts. Pattiz also established Westwood One, a leading sports provider, news, traffic programming provider, radio network, and entertainment in America.


Norman Pattiz takes on the World of Digital Media

Beyond The Darkness is a new podcast being featured on the Jericho Network. Beyond The Darkness is a program that addresses the paranormal issues related to angels, ghosts, demons, ghouls, aliens, monster encounters, miracles and mysteries. Extensive conversations surrounding these mystic conversations is what the public can expect from the program. The network will feature Dave Schrader, who is a radio host and an author, alongside Tim Dennis, a radio host and producer. Both Schrader and Dennis enjoy a huge following from their features on supernatural activities. PodcastOne will be airing new episodes every Monday on its website, PodcastOne.com, on iTunes and the PodcastOne app. Norman Pattiz, was excited when he made the announcement on the program’s debut on the Jericho Network.


PodcastOne was founded by Norman Pattiz to serve advertisement needs on a podcast network. PodcastOne has grown to become America’s leading podcast-network with numbers showing it hosts 200 popular podcasts.


Who is Norman Pattiz?


From the ongoing, Norman Pattiz has made a name for himself since PodcastOne’s debut into the industry. As such, Norman Pattiz is a common name in America’s success stories. He is considered a big name in the digital media space with his work seen in Westwood One and Courtside Entertainment Group, companies he both founded. Westwood One has become the largest American radio network having managed several shows and media outlets including, CNN radio, NCAA Basketball, NFL Football, CBS News, the Mutual Broadcasting System, March Madness, the Winter and Summer Games as well as the Super Bowl. Due to his longtime achievements in the industry, President Clinton, in 2000, appointed Norman a board member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors in the US.


Norman was reappointed by President Bush in 2002 to serve in the same capacity. His work, to date, continues to be appreciated and calls to serve in various capacities have been made. Top among them, Regent of California University and the chairperson to the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Security Laboratories. Norman also serves as a member in the International Relations, Pacific Council and the Council of Foreign Relations.


2009 crowned Norman Pattiz’s career in the broadcasting industry. He was awarded by the American Broadcasting Library, the Giants of Broadcasting Award and became the National Radio Hall of Fame inductee in the same year. His achievements are truly remarkable and he has proven to be a force to reckon with in the broadcasting industry.

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