Shedding Light on the Effort made by Securus Technologies in Curbing and Solving Crimes

An inmate technology provider such as Securus Technologies have done a commendable job as far as creating groundbreaking technological solutions is concerned. These technologies have become vital tools in monitoring, investigation and communication purposes. Recently, Securus Technologies received feedback from its esteemed clients detailing how the company’s services / technological solutions have assisted in curbing and solving crimes, especially inmate-on-inmate related offenses.


Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus, stated that Securus builds a new service or product once per week on an average basis with the aim of helping corrections and law enforcement officials to deal with crimes. For this reason, the company receives thousands of emails and letters detailing how the company’s technology helps to keep society safer.


From the samples published by Securus, most officials acknowledged the company for its effort in obtaining information about illegal detainee activities in the correctional facilities. In one of the comments, corrections officials had utilized Securus’ phone monitoring technology to get a search warrant against one of their members for bringing contraband items into the facility. The use of investigative tools from Securus Technologies allows corrections officials to undertake investigations in case of a potential threat to the community or harassment complaints in their facilities.


About Securus Technologies


Dallas-based Securus Technologies is a leading US inmate technology company that started its operations in 1986. Aside from its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, the company boasts other offices spread out across the United States in areas such as Georgia, Atlanta and other parts of Texas like Allen and Carrollton. Additionally, Securus is devoted to the provision of biometric analysis, communication, investigation, public information, emergency response products and services.


Currently, Securus Technologies has grown into a major provider of parolee tracking and inmate communication services. In fact, the company has deployed its services in almost 2600 correctional facilities in Mexico, 45 states of the US, Canada and the District of Columbia. Over the years, Securus Technologies has attained significant milestones including the creation of its Managed Access Solutions, which received approval in over five DOC facilities in the US by 2016.

Securus Technologies Growth

Securus Technologies is a company that focuses on improving communication technology in prisons throughout the country. Many prisons have old equipment that is no longer useful. Securus Technologies comes in and analyzes what a prison currently has. After the initial consultation, they give recommendations on areas they would improve.


Although Securus Technologies started out as a small company, it is now one of the leaders in the field of technology. There are few competitors in the prison industry, and this lack of competition is great for Securus Technologies. Sales and profits have improved every year the company has been in business.





Securus Technologies is primarily a technology company. The company has to spend a lot of money every year developing new technology for customers. Developing this technology allows the business to offer a variety of solutions to prisons.


Many prison leaders want to improve the technology and equipment within their facility. However, few prisons have the additional capital to invest in new technology and communication options for inmates. This is one of the biggest issues when it comes to operating a prison efficiently.





With the prison population of the United States higher than ever, Securus Technologies is growing rapidly. The company has a strong balance sheet and is ready to invest for the future.